Mineral Oil Transformer Disposal

Since the federal Superfund law does not have a 50 part per million PCB cutoff, your liability still exists down to 2 parts per million PCB. That is why it is so important to have detailed "cradle-to-grave" records for your 2 ppm and greater PCB mineral transformers that show proper disposal of your residual oils. T&R Service Company offers a disposal service for your:

  • Mineral oil transformers
  • Residual oil that remains after draining
  • Potential transformers
  • Bushings
  • Current transformers
  • PCB contaminated soil
  • PCB contaminated concrete
  • PCB contaminated debris

One month after
this 25 KVA
transformer was
drained, these
additional four
quarts of residual
oil were removed
from this transformer

The following disposal methods are used for your residual oil. First, the free residual oil is flushed, stored for disposal and then disposed. Second, the residual oil that is both in the solid insulation and between the core steel laminations is burned off in a furnace that has an after burner chamber operating at 2200 degrees F. with a two second dwell time. The storage of over 500 gallons of flush fluid, that includes diluted flush oil from PCB-contaminated transformers, requires a "Commercial Storer of PCB Waste" approval by the USEPA in accordance with 40CFR761.3 and 40FR761.65.

Inside of our "Commercial PCB Waste Storage Facility," our bulk tanks are used to store the drain and residual flush oil from your transformers. Drums are used to store the bushings, ash and other non-recyclable items. This facility has a trust fund so that when the facility is no longer used, it will pay for the proper disposal of the inventory, scrubbing down the floor and walls and taking PCB wipe samples to verify that the facility is clean.

T&R Service Company offers a salvage and PCB disposal service for your mineral oil transformers.

  1. PCB testing, transformer draining service, cradle-to-grave tracking and disposal certificates;
  2. Shipment of drained transformers to T & R Service Company;
  3. Pollution Legal Liability insurance, Transportation Sudden and Accidental Pollution insurance, Contractor's Pollution Liability insurance, and PCB commercial storage facility with EPA regulated closure financial assurance.